top of page the brain-child of Jessika Brust and producer/composer/sound engineer Andre DiMuzio, founder, owner, and CEO of the AD'M label. Jess and Andre met in college in Jon Metzger's Jazz Studies program, and began collaborating in 2011, when on a whim they decided to record a Reggae cover of Adele's Rolling in the Deep. Within 24 hours, they had a nearly completed track, which went viral on fans' college campuses a few weeks later. This seemed to be a good omen, so they officially created The Hourglass project, and began recording their first EP, Over Land, Over Seas, which was released December 2013. The Hourglass is evolving a most eclectic sound, as Jess and Andre are influenced by absolutely all the music they've ever heard, regardless of genre.  


the debut EP

coming soon...
a sampling of Over Land, Over Seas
Melbourne - The Hourglass

The Hourglass is pleased to announce the production for their first full-length album has begun!  We are excited to be incorporating even more musical influences into Andre's compositions.  And, of course, since doing revamped covers is how the project began, they are paying homage to their roots by cooking up a few new ones as well.  Stay tuned for the release of singles, videos, performance dates, and the album!

Starlight In Your Room - The Hourglass
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